Thursday, 7 July  2011 THE MYANMAR TIMES

Carrot and stick system to be practised if necessary to monitor tasks in hospitals to enhance good reputation of Ministry of Health

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - Vice-President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Dr Sai Mauk Kham delivered an address in meeting with departmental heads of the Ministry of Health at the meeting hall of National Health Committee of the ministry this morning.

It was also attended by Union Minister for Health Dr Pe Thet Khin, Deputy Minister Dr Daw Myat Myat Ohn Khin, the directors-general, deputy directors-general and directors.

The Vice-President in his address said that the first purpose of his meeting with heads of department from the Ministry of Health is to acquire more knowledge of the functions and fulfil the requirements of the ministry. The ministry is constituted with the Department of Health, the Department of Medical Science, the Health Planning Department, the Department of Medical Research (Upper Myanmar), the Department of Medical Research (Central Myanmar), the Department of Medical Research (Lower Myanmar) and the Traditional Medicine Department.

When it comes to the Department of Health, there are a large number of hospitals, large and small, under Region and State Departments of Health. They have to take township level disease control and prevention measures simultaneously, and so some townships have their health mission accomplished, but some do not have.

Under each township Health Department are many rural health centres and sub-rural health centres that are overloaded with community health care and disease control tasks. So they are always in a tight schedule.

Regarding health care, the 929 hospitals can enhance the good reputation as well as tarnish the image of the ministry. Therefore, news ways and means are to be sought to remedy the weak points. The carrot and stick system is to be practised if necessary to monitor the tasks. Tasks are to supervised with better means to ensure that all health staff especially doctors and nurses to give patients as good treatment as they can and educate them about healthy lifestyle.

Cost-sharing system popular among the people is to be under assessment and to be exercised in compliance with the health policy of the State.

It is required to redraw necessary plans to improve the 14 universities under the Medical Science Department and sharpen the abilities of the doctors, nurses and midwives. It is time to keep a good balance between quantitative and qualitative improvement. The Health Planning Department, the Department of Medical Research and the Department of Traditional Medicine, like the Department of Health and the Medical Science Department, need reforms to be able to contribute towards the projects and plans the government is implementing for national development.

The second purpose is to make preparations for a workshop on better health care this month to widely assess the functions of the whole ministry. The ministry needs to make arrangements in order that its health care is on a par with that of other ASEAN countries by 2015, ASEAN Integration Year.

The third purpose is to render assistance to make all necessary reforms to materialize the sixth of the eight tasks for rural development and poverty alleviation the government is implementing for improvement of the socio-economic life of rural people who constitute 70 per cent of the nationís population.

According to the Plan for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, human resource development programmes will be laid down for providing community health care for 64,346 villages. Therefore, it is needed to take measures for bringing about enough number of village-level health workers, staff, midwives and assistant midwives.

The Union Minister reported on organizational setup of the ministry and duty and functions.

Directors-general and deputy directors-general of Health Department, Medical Science Department, Traditional Medicine Department, Health Planning Department and Medical Research Department (Central Myanmar) and deputy director of Central Medical Store Depot reported on departmental setups and functions.

After attending to the needs, the Vice-President gave instructions on submission on requirements of departments, undertaking the tasks after submitting the reports to the coming workshop, systematic carrying out the tasks of the Ministry of Health in rural region development and poverty alleviation projects, and staff to abide by rules and regulations and policies adopted by the State.

Rain is likely to be scanty

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July-According to the observations at 12.30 hrs M.S.T on today, the southwest monsoon is weak in the Bay of Bengal and the rain is generally scanty in the whole country.

It is expected that the same condition will continue for the next 72 hrs commencing noon today.

Sports Ministry prepares for 5th inter-ministries football championship

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - Chairman of Myanmar National Sports Committee Union Minister for Sports U Tint Hsan assisted in maintenance of sports ground No.1 and No.2 here yesterday.

During the tour of the sports ground No.1 and No.2 in Zabuthiri Township, the Union Minister inspected prepara-tions for opening and closing ceremonies of the fifth Nay Pyi Taw Interministries football championship.

The Union minister also called for upgrading of the sports grounds.

Union Health Minister meets German, Danish Ambassadors, officials from UNFPA

NAY PYI TAW, 5 July- Union Minister for Health Dr Pe Thet Khin received German Ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Mr. Julius Georg Luy at 11: 00 am this morning, Danish Ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Mr. Mikael Hemniti Winther at 11: 30 am, and Asia and Pacific Regional Director Ms. Nobuko Horibe of UNFPA of Bangkok, Thailand at noon at his office here.

The Union Minister discussed matters related to operation of cleft lip and palate and cooperation between the two countries in health care tasks, training for medical men, as well as Millennium Development Goals with the German Ambassador; and preventive measures against three diseases being taken by 3-D Fund and taking health care tasks in rural regions with Danish Ambassador and on going tasks on maternal and child health care with UNFPA.

It was also attended by Deputy Ministers Dr Daw Myat Myat Ohn Khin and Dr Win Myint and Directors-General of the departments under the ministry, and officials concerned.

Union Labour & SWRR Minister receives UNFPA regional director

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July-Union Minister for Labour and for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement U Aung Kyi received Director of Asia and Pacific Region Ms Nobuko Horibe and party of UNFPA based in Bangkok of Thailand at the Ministry of SWRR, here, this morning.

They discussed assistance of UNFPA for implementation of a fiveyear plan for women development.

Also present at the call were Director-General U Soe Kyi of Social Welfare Department and Head of Office U Sein Aye of the Ministry of SWRR.

Union Forestry Minister on inspection tour of forests in Mandalay Region

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July-Union Minister for Forestry U Win Tun on 4 July visited Thaminpyo nursery of Forest Department in Meiktila District and viewed Eucalyptus plantation and 600 teak saplings.

He also viewed thriving 100 acres of village forests and 40 acres of other plantations of Arid Zone Greening Department in Sagaing Township.

He attended the monsoon tree growing ceremony at mile post 3/6 on No. 3 inter-district road and met staff. He visited Central Forest Development Training School Branch (Patheingyi).

Yesterday, the Union Minister viewed round nurturing herbal orchids at Doekwin Nursery in Doekwin Village of PyinOoLwin Township.

At Myanmar Forest Training School in PyinOoLwin, he met departmental heads, instructors and trainees. He also visited Orchid Garden, Butterfly Fossil Museum and National Landmarks Garden at National Kandawgyi Gardens.

The Union Minister inspected Zeebin Forest of Forest Department in Nawngkhio Township.

Jade, Gems and Pearl Special Sales for 2011 continues

NAY PYI TAW,6 July - Jade, Gems and Pearl Special Sales for 2011 continues for sixth day here today, and 9931 jade lots have been sold out so far through the tender system.

Union Minister for Mines U Thein Htaik visited the special sales today and gave instructions to officials concerned.

The special sales organized by the Central Committee for Myanmar Gems Emporium will be held till 13 July.

Managing Director of Myanma Gems Enterprise U Thein Swe and members of the committee have supervised the sales.

Union A&I Minister receives Indian Ambassador

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - Union Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation U Myint Hlaing received Indian Ambassador to Myanmar Dr. Villur Sundararajan Seshadri at his office here yesterday evening.

They held discussions on establishment of Agriculture Research Centre for bilateral cooperation in the areas of agriculture and research.

Also present at the call were Deputy Ministers U Ohn Than and U Khin Zaw and departmental heads of the ministry.

Union F&R Minister receives Danish Ambassador

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - Union Minister for Finance and Revenue U Hla Tun received Danish Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Mikael Hemniti Winther at his office here this morning.

They held discussions on matters of mutual interest between two countries.

Also present at the call were Deputy Minister U Win Than, Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar U Than Nyein and officials.

Taninthayi Region honours outstanding students

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July-Taninthayi Region held a ceremony to honour students who won 2011 matriculation examination with flying colours and presented cash donations at City Hall of Dawei this morning.

Chief Minister of Taninthayi Region U Khin Zaw delivered a speech.

Shwe Kanbawza Co Ltd, Max Myanmar Co and Maha Aung Myint Thu Co donated K 10 million each; Yuzana Co, K 5 million, Pyae Phyo Tun Co and Htoo Htoo Toe Co, K 2.5 million each; Po Thi Cho Power Supply Association, K 2 million; Dawei Trawlers Association, K 1.5 million; Dawei Co, K 1 million; and trawler entrepreneurs U Aung Win and U Hon Nu, K 500,000 each.

Taninthayi Region stood second in matriculation exam pass rate with 41.44 percent among Regions and States. In the region, three students won five distinctions; 18, four distinctions; 42, three distinctions; 81, two distinctions; and 467, one distinction.

The chief minister, the Region Hluttaw speaker and ministers presented gifts to universities that contributed to the region's matriculation education, three schools with highest pass rates, 17 schools with over 50% pass rate, five schools with most distinction winners, and four schools with 100 % pass rate.

Rakhine State plants 2000 trees at monsoon tree planting ceremony

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - Rakhine State Chief Minister U Hla Maung Tin and State Forestry and Mines Minister U Aung Than Tin distributed saplings to participants at monsoon tree planting ceremony of the state held on the campus of Sittway University on 2 July.

The chief minister and wife planted a Gangaw tree at the ceremony, where 2000 windbreakers were planted. He also inspected quality strain farm of Myanma Agriculture Service in Sittway.

Repair to electricity, water and septic systems in some prisons

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July- The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is carrying the maintenance of prisons in cooperation with ICRC. Water and habitat Engineer Swiss Mr Eric Weissen from ICRC and two officers were allowed to visit Mawlamyine prison on 1 July. There, they inspected site chosen for sinking tube well, tube well, storage of water and construction of toilets and septic tanks.

They were conducted round by Director U Soe Soe Zaw from Myanmar Correctional Department (Mon/Kayin), prison officer in-charge and engineers. According to the preliminary survey of ICRC in Myaungmya, Hpa-an and Mawlamyine prisons, solar powered water pumping system is installed by Myanmar Correctional Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs in cooperation with ICRC.

Proficiency Course No. 23 for Chief Auditors concludes

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July-The conclusion of Proficiency Course No. 23 for Chief Auditors took place at Union Auditor- Generalís Office here this morning.

In his speech, Union Auditor-General U Lun Maung said that now new auditing offices have been set up in consistence with the formation of the new government.

Auditing findings are to be discovered and reported with new views to meet the new systems of the organizations that have their accounts audited, he said, adding that staff members are to improve their skills as they are to be impartial in their tasks. In conclusion, he urged the trainees to have a sense of duty so as to make contribution towards the process of emergence of good governance and clean government.

KIA blows up rail tracks between Hopin and Nankhwin of Mandalay-Myitkyina railroad
Tatmadaw, MPF, officials focusing on security of life and property of people

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July- KIA is committing mine explosions on motor roads, railroads and bridges for killing and wounding the people in Kachin State due to the fact that the Tatmadaw opened limited fires for the sake of project and public security.

Yesterday evening, KIA group planted mine on the rail tracks between Hopin and Nankhwin of Mandalay-Myitkyina railroad. In the incident, rail tracks were cut off and sleepers were destroyed.

Officials concerned received the information in advance and made necessary maintenance of the railroad in real time, so the train carrying the people safely runs along the railroad and there was no causality.

On 22 June, KIA group committed mine explosions at the concrete bridges between Myitkyina and Nankwe section and Mayan and Namti section on Mandalay-Myitkyina railroad.

Likewise, mine explosion was committed by KIA on rail tracks between Namna and Hopin section of Mandalay-Myitkyina railroad on 30 June. In the incidents, rail tracks were cut off and sleepers destroyed. Thanks to timely maintenance undertaken by officials concerned, the people were safe from the dangers.

Although KIA is destroying roads, bridges and rail tracks through mine explosions so as to kill the people and damage their property, the Tatmadaw, Myanmar Police Force and officials are placing emphasis on security measures for protection of life and property of the people.

International Open Chess Tournament kicks off

YANGON, 6 July - International Open Chess Tournament kicked off at Central Hotel here this morning.

The game is jointly organized by Sports and Physical Department, World Chess Federation (FIDE) and Myanmar Chess Federation.

FIDE General Secretary of ASEAN Chess Confederation President Mr Leong Chee Weng Ignatius made an opening speech followed by greetings of Myanmar Chess Federation President U Maung Maung Lwin.

Yangon Region Transport Minister U Aung Khin, Mr Leong Chee Weng Ignatius and U Maung Maung Lwin made the first move to open the tournament where 73 chessmen from 11 countries are playing.

Well-wishers made cash donation for successful holding of the tournament.

MFF to organize educative talk

YANGON, 6 July- Myanmar Fisheries Federation and Myanmar Prawn Entrepreneurs Association will jointly organize an educative talk at the hall of the federation in Insein Township at 2 pm on 9 July.

The talk on Development of Union based on Rural Area with the sponsorship of Thet Paing Soe Co Ltd will be given by Dr Myo Thant Tin. Any person may attend it.

Myanmar CPA Association to organize talk on 13 Aug

YANGON, 6 July - Mr Reza Ali, Head of Emerging Markets-Asia, ACCA, gives talks on ďIFRS for SMEsĒ at Traders Hotel here on 13 August.

The talk is organized by Myanmar Certified Public Accountant Association. One may enlist for the talk with the fee of K 12,000 at No (1/19), Union Auditor-Generalís Office, Yangon Training School, Thakhin Mya Park Street, (Ph: 214653) not later than 20 July.

MMCWA holds monsoon treegrowing ceremony 2011

NAY PYI TAW, 6 July - The monsoon tree-growing ceremony-2011 of Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association (Head Office) took place at the office Dekkhinathiri of Nay Pyi Taw this morning.

Deputy Minister for Health Dr Daw Myat Myat Ohn Khin, Dr Mon Mon Aung, wife of the Union Minister for Health, member of the patrons of Myanmar Women Affairs Federation Daw Ni Ni Win, President of MWAF Dr Thet Thet Zin, MMCWA President Daw Nilar Thaw, Vice-President Dr Wai Wai Tha and CEC members planted saplings at designated places.

A total of 118 saplings were grown in the monsoon tree-growing ceremony of MMCWA (Head Office).