Kakaborazi Nationaol Park

Location between 28° 05´ N and 97° 44´ E in Naungmung Township of Kachin State.

1,472 square miles.

Year of Establishment
Established in 1996.

Yangon to Myitkyina, 920 miles by car or 723 miles by train, Myitkyina to Putao, 218 miles, and Putao to Naungmung, 35 miles by car.


  • To conserve natural forests and wildlife in the northen part of Myanmar.
  • To established and maintain a national park of high-quality and up to the standard of modern environmental conservation policies.
  • To Promote the present status to an ecotourism industry of high standard on Kakaborazi, the highest mountain in Myanmar with 29,698 feet in the height and other significantly beautiful scenry.
  • To conserve watersheds in the area where the Ayeyawady River originates.
  • To carry out development activities for Himalayan Mountain Region in cooperation with the international organizations.

Forest / Vegetative Types

  • Evergreen Forests
  • Hill Pine Forests
  • Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests

In addition to rare species such as Takin. Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Black Barking Deer, Phet Gyi (Muntiaus putaoensis), mammal species and insects such as butterflies are present.

Conservation, Development and Research Programmes

  • Effective prohibitory actions against poaching and illegal trade of rare species.
  • Conducting field studies to reval new plant and animal species.
  • Conducting necessary field studies to promote and implement an ecotourism industry of high standard.
  • Conservation of traditional culture, custom and way of living of local indigenous people.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Climbing snow-capped mountains.
  • Study environmental situations occurring at the origin of the Ayeyawady River.
  • Enjoyment of beautiful natural features.
  • Exploration for new plant and animal species.
  • Study traditional culture, custom and system of living of local Rawang, Lisu and Myanmar -Tibet ethnic nationals.