Sein-Ye Forest Camp

Located between 19° 51′ N and 96° 10′ E in Oaktwin Township of Bago Division.

102 acres.

Year of Establishment
Established in 1996.

Yangon to Oaktwin, 166 miles by car and Oaktwin to Sein-Ye camp, 20 miles by car along Bago Yoma crossing.


  • To observe natural teak forests and teak growing environmental conditions.
  • To study different age classes of teak plantations.
  • To utilize it as a base camp for reserachers in the Bago Yoma region.
  • To study Myanmar timber elephants, elephant mahouts and their working condition.

Forest / Vegetative Types

  • Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous forests.
  • Dry Upper Mixed Diciduous forests.
  • Lower Mixed Deciduous forest.

Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, guar, banteng or wild cow, sun bear, wild boar, sambur, sneeze and resident birds are present.

Conservation, Development and Research Programmes
Construction of modern rest house for ecotourism and other infrastructure developments.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Study of natural teak forest.
  • Study of natural orchids.
  • Study of working timber elephants.
  • Study of natural wildlife and their environment.
  • Recreation in a special forest environment.