Myanmar’s Observations on draft resolution entitled “Situation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar” contained in document no. A/HRC/56/L.18

Reference is made to PP6 and OP25. While Myanmar engaged with successive Special Envoys of the Secretary-General on Myanmar, the United Nations neither consulted nor informed Myanmar of the appointment of the new Special Envoy. Myanmar maintains its engagement with the United Nations, nonetheless, it is for the organization to reciprocate, and therefore, the latter part of the paragraph is irrelevant.

Reference is made to PP 7bis, PP 7ter and PP13. The social media platforms, particularly Facebook, have unilaterally barred pages and accounts of state institutions as well as individuals for years while allowing propaganda of media in exile along with opposition armed groups which have been disseminating false and fabricated news to discredit the government.

Reference is made to PP 12bis, PP 12ter, PP 12quart, OP2, OP4bis and OP10. AA insurgents attacked Kon Tai, Yut Nyo Taung and U Hla Pe villages with a mainly Bengali population in Buthidaung township in April 2024, and therefore, the villagers fled and the State officials sheltered them in Buthidaung town. On 4 May 2024, AA insurgents launched artillery shells against No. 1 Basic Education High School (BEHS) in Ward 1 of Buthidaung, where displaced persons were temporarily sheltered. It killed 2 civilians and injured 15 including children. On 11 May 2024, AA insurgents shelled ‌a public hospital in Buthidaung and killed three persons. It was learned that AA terrorists entered Buthidaung at about 9:30 pm on 17 May. They set fire villages – the villages near Buthidaung and committed mass killings. As of 25 May 2024, nearly 200 innocent civilians lost their lives due to attacks committed by AA terrorists. Myanmar exercises maximum restraint in its counter operations in border areas. As per Military Service Law, two batches of training have been ongoing only with volunteers, and therefore, it is not true that the military made forced recruitment. The paragraphs blurring the perpetrator misled the viewers.

Reference is made to PP25 and OP34. Myanmar annually reviews and renews the memorandum of understanding signed by Myanmar, UNDP and UNHCR on assistance in the repatriation process. Myanmar facilitates the field presence and visits of the United Nations agencies so long as security conditions allow. Access issues in northern Rakhine State are due to security concerns of the respective agencies and Myanmar, in fact, assists in the relocation of UN international staff and their dependents from Buthidaung and Maungdaw to Sittwe and Yangon as per requests. Therefore, the paragraph does not reflect developments on the ground.

Reference is made to PP26 and OP1. While Myanmar stands ready to repatriate verified displaced persons from Bangladesh, it does not agree with the figure contained in the paragraph.

Reference is made to OP 42bis and OP 43. While taking note of combining IDs, the text still creates two EIDs and an ID until September 2026 regardless of any developments on the ground. It further prejudices the work of the Human Rights Council in time of liquidity crisis. Furthermore, the resolution tabled by the EU invented four standalone IDs with the High Commissioner and the Special Rapporteur until June 2025. It clearly shows the multiplication and duplication of work. Since Myanmar opposes country-specific resolutions and mandates as a matter of principle, it does not support the draft resolution and elements contained therein.

Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
3 July 2024