Myanmar categorically rejects the so-called conference room paper entitled “The Billion Dollar Trade: The International Arms Networks that Enable Human Rights Violations in Myanmar (A/HRC/53/CRP.2)” of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar

(25 May, 2023)

–        It is observed that the Special Rapporteur has again developed another deplorable paper by exploiting EU’s sponsored resolution against Myanmar adopted in contradiction of the principles of universality, objectivity, non-selectivity and the elimination of double standards and politicization.

–        The paper further focuses on unilateral sanctions imposed by some western countries on Myanmar and calls for imposing harder ones for alleging committing international crimes. It should be noted that the Special Rapporteur has making such recommendations to the countries attempt to perform as human rights champions while covering up their own atrocities, extensive violations of international law and committing heinous crimes prevented in international human rights and humanitarian laws in different parts of the world. Still, victims across the world have been demanding justice and accountability.

–        Myanmar is a country which has been dealing with divisions and mistrust inherited from British’s divide and rule in addition to the today’s different forms of interferences from certain western countries under the name of democracy and human rights. With such outside interferences, incitements, and support, the terrorist organizations have claimed the lives of over 5600 innocent people including children, women, healthcare workers, teachers and civil servants. The Government has legitimate right to protect the lives and properties of its people and takes counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency measures with maximum restraint.

–        It is found that the Special Rapporteur has tried so hard by putting legal references to ensure his narratives could apply Myanmar’s situation. Repeated references to “war crimes and crimes against humanity” were, nonetheless, made based on sweeping allegations but not on facts and evidences. Therefore, conclusions and recommendations made on distorted and one-sided narratives resulted the worthless paper.

–        In violation of the code of conduct, the Special Rapporteur never seek information or verification from the country concerned rather he cited sources which are in fact backed by the sponsors of the resolution to disseminate their propaganda.

–        Furthermore, the Special Rapporteur calls the countries to impose economic sanctions on Myanmar. As widely known, economic sanctions and unilateral coercive measures cause detrimental impacts only on the general population. Therefore, his call for imposing sanctions goes contrary to the interest of the people of Myanmar but violates Myanmar’s right to development.

–        It is surprised to learn how the Special Rapporteur narrowly interprets the revenue of state owned enterprises which greatly contributes to state’s expenditure on public services including health, education and social welfare of the people of Myanmar. His call for imposing sanctions on such enterprises simply means to hurt the people and development path of the country.

–        Myanmar therefore rejects the so-called conference room paper contained in document no. A/HRC/53/CRP.2 registers its objection against the producing unlimited worthless reports by the Special Rapporteur and it further reaffirms its principled position against the mandates created by country-specific resolutions.

Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations